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Aug 2005 To Do List

  1. Update the mailing lists to fix bounces
  2. Help teachers with installation problems
  3. Visit teachers to recruit students
  4. Visit principles to recruit teachers
  5. Create syllabus for Prog and Sys and AP
  6. Create slides for recursion, searching, and sorting for AP
  7. Create slides for text, database, and movies for Prog and Sys
  8. Create slides for AP AB material using media
  9. Add save of partial exam in AP practice exam database
  10. Add more questions to AP practice exam database
  11. Run the AP Bowl in early April again
  12. Create lesson plans for using Alice to teach CS concepts
  13. Create lesson plans for using LEGO robots to teach CS concepts
  14. Organize LEGO competition for high schoolers using old middle school challenge in Feb 2006
  15. Redo card games
  16. Write up slides for creating simple classes: NumberGuessGame, FortuneTeller, etc
  17. Go to SIGCSE and present a paper in Houston Texas March 1-5th 2006
  18. Go to BIT conf Oct 7-8
  19. Go to Tech Prep conf 2006?
  20. Go to NBEA in New Orleans, April 12-15, 2006
  21. Create a database of teachers and # and types of students for PSM and AP
  22. Have small workshops once per month for new to Java teachers
  23. Be an AP reader in June
  24. Attend the training for AP endorsed consultant
  25. Work with the girl scouts at Sat workshops
  26. Train students to help at girl scout summer camps
  27. Train students to help with Quest camps
  28. Train teachers to hold regional summer camps

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