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Girl Scouts

Susan Cotter (scotter at is the Science person for the Northwest Georgia Council.

They have 20 LEGO Mindstorms kits and 20 IBM thinkpads.

They will use them at Camp Meriwether (Off I-85 near Newnan, Georgia) for a
one week science camp July 17-22, 2005. They have 40 girls registered for it.

Do robotics 3 hour shifts 20 girls at a time. Has a person from Emory (education major).
Can offer room and board for this summer. Maybe also some evening activities.

Camp Misty Mountain has 2 week sessions with 5th grade and up. There are about 160 in a 2 week session. In any 2 hour period there are 40 kids.

This is where we will expand to.
Need more equipment (more laptops and robots). Each camp director has her own budget and hires
her staff. Jill Alison is the camp director.
Costs for Susan and costs for running the workshops.

We need rechargable batteries. and extra parts. Susan will work on her budget requests and give it to us by
May 27th.

Susan plans 2 like Sat and 1 advanced workshop.

Undergrads to work with middle school kids
Cricket Kits