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AP Senior Design Project - Summer 2005


Software Requirements Specification (Final 03) SRS.pdf
Project Plan (Final 03) Project Plan.pdf
Software Design Specification (Final 03) SDS.pdf
System Installation and Maintenance Guide (Final 01) Installation and Maintenance.pdf
Technical Memo: PHP/JSP Compartive Benchmark Benchmark Results.pdf


Time Records

Working Documents

Development File Listing


To do list for AP Practice Exam Database
To Install the AP Practice Exam
Information about Manatee

Links to new PHP System

To log in as a student go to
To log in as a teacher go to
General login is at

Links to Old JSP System

To take a practice exam go to:
To log in as a developer go to:
To log in as a teacher go to:


Barb Ericson [ericson@cc]
Chad Hansen [gte762u@mail]
Lisa Jordan [pyrona@gmail]
Daniel Osiecki [osiecki@cc]
Chase Peeler [chasepeeler@gmail]