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People who wish to be notified about future Prog and Sys Workshops

Willie Haynes whaynes at
Douglas Edwards edwardsd3 at
Daniel Smith dsmith at
David Kirk DKirk at
Schmekia Hamm-Tate, Morrow High School, shamm at
James Special jspecial at
David Austin at david_a_austin at Cedar Grove High School in south DeKalb
Sonya Neilson Sonya_Neilson at of Norcross High School
Joe Lena Moore, Stephenson High School,JOE_L_MOORE at FC.DEKALB.K12.GA.US
Jack_Woodard at
Walter Henry, Carver High School, Columbus, Ga., Email: whenry18 at
Foster, Vicky" vicky.foster at
Alan Savransky Pope High School Cobb County
Randall Adams Cobb County
John Lemke Cobb County
Ms. Reyna Johnson, Fayette County, johnson.reyna at
Brown, Garry BrownG4 at

I have added all above to PSM mailing list Feb 18, 2005

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