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Undergrads to work with middle school kids

We are looking for responsible, energetic, and friendly students who can work Tues and Thurs or Tues and Wed from 4-6pm (not including travel time of about 30 min). We want students to work with middle school girls at 3 YWCA after school programs in area middle schools. We are introducing the girls to computing using PICO Crickets (see, LEGO Mindstorms robots (see, Alice (see and Scratch (see We will pay for the time it takes you to learn these kits and software, prepare materials to use with the girls, travel to the schools, and time while working with the girls. We are sending teams of 2 students to each school.

When you get to the school check-in at the front desk. Tell them you are there for the TGI Tech program.

The schools are:
20 - Shamrock Middle School, 3100 Mount Olive Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30033 (up I-85 North from Tech about 12 miles) Ms. Hunter or Ms. Taylor is the contact for TGI TECH program
19 - Ralph Bunche Middle School, 1925 Niskey Lake Road, S.W. Atlanta, GA 30331 (I-75/I-85 South from Tech about 16 miles)
15 - Chapel Hill Middle School, 3535 Dogwood Farm Road, Decatur, Georgia 30034 (20 East to Candler Rd, right on Candler Rd go 4.6 miles, Right on Dogwood Farm about 17 miles total from Tech). Meet in Ms. Lynette Clark’s classroom.

You must be in good academic standing.

If you are interested please send me a resume and at least one reference.

Incomplete Info:
Lisa Hicks | | didn't make info meeting | unknown
Michele Biddy | | didn't make info meeting | nights and weekends
Hina Shah | | didn't make info meeting |unknown
@Victoria Au unknown Thurs free 3:00pm to late up to 5 max and weekends have resume Alice, Scratch with YWCA, needs trans

Complete Info:
Jonathan Keyser 902062317 Tues and Thurs for YWCA up to 10 hours a week avg have resume checked ref
@Elizabeth (Beth) Daihl 901854922 max 20 hours - M 2pm - late, T after 1:30pm, W early - 12:00pm; 2pm-6pm, Thurs 9:30am-12:00pm; 1:30 - 3:00pm; 4:30pm-late, F early-12pm; 2pm - late have resume YWCA Tues and Thurs, girl scouts, weekened, ? talked to reference 12/11/06 may have transportation (car wrecked)
K. Rosier 901822364 num hours? 10 a week weekend weekends needs transportation
Carolina Gomez 8-10 hours a week: Monday and Wednesday during the morning or after 5 pm. Friday mornings and on the weekends. have resume wants to work with girl scouts and weekend activities, sort and count kits, create projects, has transportation talked to reference 12/11/06 has transporation

Mailing list:;;;

Alice - MediaComp
Tanvi Ratna 901967392 working 11 hours for me a week

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