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Month by Month to Do List 2006 - 2007

Felicia Auzla To Do List 2007
Pictures for BOF SIGCSE 2007

Alice conf call on Tues at 10:00am
Meet Wed with Giselle at 2:30 in CoC 109
Meet first Wed of the month with Georgia Computes! Wed from 2-3pm in TSRB

August 2006

Help out at registration day Aug 9th
Stone for Mike Kolodner 9:30am Aug 11th
Meeting on new Georgia Curriculum Effort Monday Aug 14th 10:00am
New Faculty Dinner Aug 17th Fernbank 6:00pm
Apple Hill Aug 22-25th.
YWCA - TGI-Tech kick-off Aug 26 2-4pm
Finish Solutions Manual
Submit Two Nifty Assignments - did comic strip and collage
Prepare paper for SIGCSE
Work on Toyota Proposal

September 2006
No school Sept 4th
Inaugural State of the College Address, by Rich DeMillo, Thursday, September 7, 2006, CCB Auditorium (Room 16, first floor) 11am-12pm Lunch to follow in the courtyard at 12pm
Dad and Me with Girl Scouts Sept 10, 17, 24, and Oct 1st at Camp Misty Mountain
Mark gone at ICER Sept 7-11th
Teacher Workshop Sept 16 Media-comp 10-4:30pm
Mark gone Sept 17-18 at NCWIT
Mark camping with girls September 22-24
Jenny's wedding Sept 22-23
Sept 30th Mike's wedding (leaving 29 return Oct 1st)

October 2006
Submit a proposal for NECC by Oct 4th
Mark gone at Grace Hopper Oct 5-7th
Conf call for CSTA Board Oct 9th
RoboCup Junior Oct 9-10th
Teacher Workshop Oct 14th Robots 10am - 4:30pm
Mark gone Oct 16-21
Girl Scout Animation Workshop Oct 21 10-2 (cancelled)
No school Oct 23
Oct 28 Curriculum meeting
Oct 30 visit Abe Gebru 1 to 2:45 p.m.?

November 2006
CSTA meeting Nov 3-5th in Philadelphia start dinner Friday done about 3:30pm Sunday
No school Nov 7th
Meet with Giselle at 11:00am on RoboCup Junior and other things.
Nov 11th robotics workshop with Girl Scouts
No school Nov 22-24th

December 2006
Dec 9th Curriculum
Dec 22 no school

Jan 2007
Hold Alice competition
Plan summer workshops
Prepare proposal for state for spring and summer workshops
Work on Toyota proposal
Hire undergrads and admin

Feb 2007
Alice with girl scouts Feb 3
Prepare for SIGCSE and send in CD by Feb 9th
Mark at AACCD on Feb 8-9
RoboCup Junior Workshop Feb 10th
Introduce Girls to Eng Day Sat Feb 17th
Teach for Emory Feb 19-21st.
Mark gone Feb 27th

March 2007
SIGCSE March 7-11, 2007, Northern Kentucky
Hold AP Bowl
Robotics Basics with Girl Scouts March 10th
Teacher workshop March 24th 9am - 4pm
Do another roboCup Junior workshop for First high school teams (March 31st?)

April 2007
NBEA New York City Friday, April 6, from
8:30 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. Marriott Marquis Hotel located in Times Square
Advanced Robotics April 14th Girl Scouts
Teacher workshop April 21
Teach for Emory April 30th - May 2nd.

May 2007
Do summer camp training for BPC May 8-9th
Mark is doing First Courses May 11-12
NCWIT meeting May 15-16, 2007, University of Colorado at Boulder
Memorial Day May 28th
Could do a workshop May 29-June 1st (Beg Prog May 29-June 1st)

June 2007
Could do a workshop June 4-8th (Beg Prog June 4-7th )
Middle School Summer Camp June 4-8th Scratch and Crickets (rising 7th - 8th)
Middle School Summer Camp June 11-15th Scratch and Crickets (rising 7th - 8th)
Do Reading June 11-17 The College of New Jersey
Mark is doing Media Comp workshop June 11-13th
High School Summer Camp June 18-22 (rising 10-12)
Can do a workshop June 19-22 int workshops
NECC in Atlanta June 24-27th (panel on tues by K-12 Alliance) and FBLA June 26-29
RoboCup Junior Camp June 25th - 29th
CSTA Board Meeting in Atlanta June 30th

July 2007
July 2-8th robocup junior
July 9th Alice LEGO (rising 7,8,9)
Can do a workshop July 10-13 AP
High School Camp July 16-20th (10-12)
Mark is doing a first courses workshop July 16-19th at Georgia Southern (needs laptops?)
July 26-28: Alice and Media Computation. Location: Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI

Aug 2007
Can do a workshop Aug 1 - Aug 3rd Alice Media Comp in Atlanta
Can do a workshop Aug 6-10 (but some teachers start back by then)

Grace Hopper will be October
17 through 20 2007 in Orlando, Florida as we co-locate with the Richard Tapia
Diversity in Computing Conference

NCWIT Nov 6-7th in Seatle Wash

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