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Matt at Space Camp - June 2001

Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama (about 4 hours away by car) just LOOKS SOOO cool! I just dropped Matt off Sunday June 1, so I don't have any stories of him there yet, but Disney couldn't make the dorms cooler, and there's nothing cooler than THE REAL THING.

That building that looks like a space station behind Matt, that's "Habitat 1" – there are three or four of these there.

Uploaded Image: MattOutsideHabitat.jpg

Okay, I got choked up dropping off my 11 year old for his first sleep-away camp at this one:

Uploaded Image: MattSign.jpg

Check this out! This is the inside of the habitat( Matthew's room is on the 3rd floor on the right, with five other boys), and Matt outside his room.
Uploaded Image: InsideHabitat.jpg
Uploaded Image: MattsRoom.jpg

The rockets they have there! WOW! This is Matt in front of a REAL Saturn V rocket! (It has a historical monument marker in front of it.) I started telling Matt why this was amazing and about the largest rockets ever made and going to the Moon...and Matt said, "I think you'd have more fun here than I will." :-)
Uploaded Image: Matt-SaturnV.jpg

This is a full-scale mockup of the shuttle. It has a plaque below it saying that it's dedicated to the crew of the Challenger, and my voice broke as I was reading it to him. Matt asked, "Why'd your voice get funny, Dad?"
Uploaded Image: MattShuttle.jpg