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Proposed Changes to Independent Courses

With this change, we are trying to address two sets of concerns:

The College Undergraduate Committee has approved these four courses, and the attached form for students to use to sign up for ALL of our Independent Courses: CS3901, 4903, and the new 2698, 2699, 4698, and 4699. In this new system, to enroll for a capstone CS3901 course, students will be required:

I have asked the Dean for only FIVE minutes in the faculty meeting on Tuesday, so PLEASE do take a look at the attached form and the additional materials at as you'd like (such as the course proposals, the letter from the Provost arguing for the courses, and an FAQ about the new CS3901 process). Send me your questions early, and I'll answer them right off the bat, or have your questions ready for when we get there.

I hope to call the vote on the four courses quickly at the meeting Tuesday. Our goal is to start the new CS3901 process FOR THIS FALL: Students already registered for Fall CS3901 don't have to worry about the proposal, but students registering this summer will need to write the proposal, and ALL FALL CS3901 students will have to present their work.