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Fall 2002 Announcements

Welcome to CS2340!

December 4:
The Fall 2002 Final Exam Review is now available.

An article about an advanced merging algorithm has been uploaded to the coweb, in case you are interested: Remerge.pdf

Here are two example GEDCOM files that you may want to use to construct your test cases:
The simplest way to create a test case is to use some subset of a GEDCOM file (perhaps a very small subset) to create a GEDCOM and use it as the second file to be matched or merged with the first. You can create a sequence of progressively more complex tests by including more person and family records in the subset. Of course, you can delete or edit information to demonstrate inexact matching.

If one of the files uses some kind of GEDCOM tag that your program doesn't know how to parse, you can just ignore it and only process the tags that you do understand. (Using that approach, it is actually possible for you to import any GEDCOM file; you just may end up ignoring much of the information it contains.)

We are interviewing to recruit new cs2340 teaching assistants!
Those who filled out a TA application may sign up for an interview.
TA interview times

If you still want to be considered and you haven't signed up, please
do so at:
Our deadline has been extended until Monday.

Coweb problems and M6 turnin

There has been a problem with the disk on the coweb server filling up over the last two days. It may be fixed by now, but I am not sure. If you have problems trying to submit your code via the usual turn in mechanism, just e-mail it to your TA instead. Rich LeBlanc 11/18/02 7:30 PM

TA Hiring opens November 11

If you're interested in TA-ing for any class (but especially CS2340!), please fill out the form at starting November 11. Application closes at 6 pm on November 20.

Some minor changes were made to the familial relationship examples in the description of Milestone M1 on 27 August. These changes require some slightly different messages to be understood by Person. In addition, a design hint has been added in a paragraph under the examples labeled Thinking ahead. Rich LeBlanc

The Midterm Review page Midterm Review - Fall 2002 is now available. Rich LeBlanc

September 25

Class tomorrow (Sept 26) will include discussion of upcoming Milestones and issues regarding forming new teams if some team members decide to drop the course.

Presuming all grading gets finished on schedule, exams will be returned during the class.

The Class Schedule and Milestone 3 have been updated recently. The requirements for Milestone 3 now include a test plan like the one you did for Milestone 2.

The new material to be covered in the lecture will be on User Interface Design (Chapter 6).

Rich LeBlanc

October 3

If Squeak crashes, you should try "browse recently logged changes" from the "changes" menu. That way, you can recover your code, unless you were also running without a changes file. See the Squeak FAQ on this Coweb.

Lex Spoon

October 9

There will be a quiz at the beginning of lecture tomorrow, as scheduled. In order to prepare, make sure you understand how the code works in the examples in Chapter 5.

Rich LeBlanc

October 10

I will have office hours between 8:30 and 9:45 tomorrow (October 11) in Room 109 of the College of Computing Building. Exams, including regrades, will be available for you to pick up then as well the M3 turn-ins for which the TAs have finished the grading (not all of these are graded).

There are a couple of TAs who have office hours on Friday. I hope to make plans with them to have the exams and milestones available for you to pick up from them.

Rich LeBlanc


An optional second midterm will be given on Tuesday, October 29. All students will have 8 points added to their score on the first midterm. If you choose to take the second midterm, your adjusted score from the first exam will be averaged with your score on the second one to determine your midterm exam "grade". The weighting of the midterm grade in the final grade will not change.

Additional material that may be tested on this exam includes Morphic, HCI design and evaluation, parsing (not T-Gen) and testing (SUnit and structural testing – see slides on the schedule page). The exam will also include a coding problem and a design problem.

I will be away between now and the exam, so please direct your questions to the TAs.

Rich LeBlanc

October 29

It is hard to extract information from web sites. If you are still getting started with that on Milestone 5, you might additionally look at How to Mine Web Pages. Try out the included Squeak image – it has a lot of useful information in it.

Lex Spoon

October 30

Because Midterm 2 had not been copied by class time yesterday, it was postponed until the next class period: Thursday October 31. See the message above for more details about this exam and its potential role relative to your grade.

A review page related to this exam Midterm 2 Review - Fall 2002 is now available. A few more questions may be added by 6:00 PM today.

Rich LeBlanc

Please read over the M6 milestone page if you have not done so lately.
There are a couple of things on the page that where
not there at the beginning of the term:

10% for a test plan
10% for good design
links to gedcom tutorial pages.

Sami Deen

Note: M7 has been substantially rewritten, and the due date has been changed to 12/5. Please look over the milestone page if you have not done so recently. Sami Deen 11/20/2002.

Hiring for Spring Semester

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