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Official Errata Page

Be sure to see Submit Errata Page!

The first example in section 2.5.6, page 55, [Transcript show: 34.2]
prints '34.2' to the Transcript for me, using Squeak 2.8. It does
not bring up a debugger notifier.

Robert Riches

I concur – it looks like Squeak 2.8 has a new definition for Transcript show: that catches this "error" and makes it work anyway. Mark Guzdial

The Bookmorphs on the CD seem to be broken on the PC/Linux side (ISO 9660), but they're okay on the Mac side. You can grab a copy of the CD (28.8M) at

The Linux RPMs on the CD are also broken (SIGH!). New ones coming soon. Meanwhile, download Squeak for anything at or

Page. 30, bottom. Needs comments in there and is missing a line. Should read:
aFile := FileStream fileNamed: 'fred'.
[aFile atEnd] whileFalse:
    [Transcript show: aFile next printString].
aFile close.
"Needed because can't open file twice"

Page 43, first paragraph. Reference to Section 3.3 should be a reference to Section 2.3.3.

Mark Morrissey

Absolutely right on the reference, Mark. Thank you! Mark Guzdial

Dear MarkI bought your Squeak book which was very impressive. The essentials of
OOA/OOD/OOP process are covered concisely. If there had been your book
(and Squeak of cource) when I was undergraduate... Though it was 20
yeas ago ;-).

By the way, the file names of the CD aren't correct on Linux or
Windoze as you described in yor errata page. I found a work around for
Linux. Since the Macintosh side of the CD seems to be correct, you
can mount the CD as Macintosh's file system, i.e. HFS. 

eg. # mount -t hfs -o ro /dev/cdrom /mnt/cdrom

seems to be OK for my Linux (2.2.16). Recent Linux (2.1.x or later)
supports HFS. Please forgive me to send this mail directly, since the
official errata page seems to be down now.

# BTW, how do you pronounce your family name?

Cheers from Far East,
Akio Kondo 
Section "The difference between pick-up and move is that pick-up moves the target morph within its owner Morph, while move lifts the target morph from its owner" (Guzdial, 153). While playing in Morph, I found this to be just the opposite.

Doug Powers
Gulp! You're right – I recognize that mistake without even trying it. sigh... Thanks! Mark Guzdial

Squeak 3.0 redefines AlignmentMorphs in a deep way – any Morph can do alignments, now, and they use a TableLayout object to do it. Unfortunately, these break the PlayWritingWorkbench in several ways. I have fixes now at Missing File (/cs2340/uploads/PWW-3.0-fixes.1.cs) – Mark Guzdial

Ned Konz also created a way of fixing PWW, and he got the HeadMorph's hair to stay inside its frame!

In Squeak 3.2, you only need to file in for the PlayWriting Workbench to work.

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