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Webster's [0] milestone 2.5 ~ Design Plans

Edit Webster's [0] milestone 2.5 ~ Design Plans here.

Here is our Milestone 2.5 design. We only had a couple of problems with the design. You'll come across those problems as you read this design account. It was carried out very well for the most part. It's an extremely good idea to have people accountable for deadlines and the such.

First, our UML diagram. This was the greatest cause of discussion amongst the group members. We probably spent 40% toying with our UML diagram.

Next, our timeline. This is where one of our problems arose. My TA took off 5 points for the dates being upside down from the tasks. As you can see, this is a silly reduction – and our only reduction, resulting in a 95 overall grade.

And finally, the heralded CRC cards. This is where our other problem arose. We would make out the CRC cards and then forget about them, going to do our UML without looking at them. We thought this would be a good idea, starting from scratch on both items and merging them together to get the best of both worlds...but we were wrong! CRC card analysis was critical to our being able to understand and put together our URL. McCracken says that we can only keep 7+-2 things in our head at one time – and actually he's wrong: we can keep 7+-2 sounds/words in our head at one time and only 5+-2 facts/processes – and with such limited capacity it's difficult to "see" the whole UML and map it out with good design.

That's it!

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