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Milestone P2.5 from the 31337 Team Fork

by: Team Fork
members: Chris Haire
Jimmy Lummis
Dushyant Singh

For this project, we used CRC's to represent the OOA and a Class Diagram to represent the OOD. Overall, our design came out fairly well as we earned a 92 on the project, and we used the majority of our design for the following project, P3 (OOP for MathEquationLaTeX).


For the CRC's, each member of our group came up with their seperate set of cards that described the way each part of the system worked. Then we brought all of our cards together and determined which parts to keep in the final design. Then we took those cards and traced through a set of senarios to determine the collaboraters of each card.

Class Diagram

Once we finished the OOA, we took the information from the CRC's and developed our Class Diagram. At this point, we also started to filter out classes that were unnecessary as well as classes that we didn't consider during the OOA phase of design. Each class contained the instance variables and methods we planned on using during the OOP phase of development. To represent the collaboration of classes, we used a UML style representation. In the class discussions, we stated what each class does and how it fits together with the other classes.

To see our final design, go to:

For helpfully hints on designing a project, check out:

Team Home page: Dushyant Singh

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