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Why am I writing this?

The purpose of this essay is to provide information on some current research being done with squeak and smalltalk. I will be taking some of the topics discussed in the squeakeresearch.ppt lecture slides and exploring them in a little more detail, providing short descriptions and links to current projects. Towards the end of the cs2340 class I was curious about some of the projects that used squeak in the "real world". The lecture provided a good overview of what was being done but I wanted to look into it a little further. In this case, I hope to answer the question "Why are we programming in squeak, nobody uses squeak...?" There are a lot of interesting research projects going on that you may not know about, so read on and if you are interested find out how you can get involved in squeak research. There is a large list of current projects currently being researched in squeak and in this essay I will be focusing on some projects being worked on at Georiga Tech and Squeak Central, as well as some other projects that I found interesting.

Squeak Central

Squeak Central is run by a core group of squeak developers who are currently working at Disney. Squeak Central projects are either internal or external projects. An interal project is a project on which squeak central is working on and an external project is one that the squeak central team has decided is important to the future of squeak and "have a committment to integrate useful resuts as they appear." Squeak Central Projects are those which have a large amount of interest on the Squeak mail list and the group decides that the problem is important enough to the future of squeak that they committ time and resources to completing that project.

Collaborative Software Library at Georgia Tech

The Collaborative Software Library at Georgia Tech focuses on the creation of collaborative Dynabooks. The group is made of of Faculty, Graduate, and undergraduate students at Georgia Tech. They have many projects, focusing on small pieces of the overall goal to create a collaborative dynabook. The CSL is currently evaluating how students are using the coweb, this will help to gain an understanding about how students work in colaborative learning enviornments. Some of the projects that the CSL is working on include MuSwiki, iScream, and 2Cool.

Pocket SmallTalk