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Boa Really Equips!

Boa Really Equips! presents the squeaky project which makes it possible to create pretty-looking graphical math equations.

Boa Really Equips! members are the following Squeak hax0rs:

Diana Blanshey
Jason Bos
Shannon Easley
Bruce Labbate

I would write down a story of the project creation, but there is not much of a story to be told. We would simply sit down with 3-4 workstations, a copy of Object-Oriented Design with Multimedia Applications by Mark Guzdial and a generous reserve of caffeine-containing substances, and lo and behold! 12 hours later the project would come to life, working, detailed, commented, simply brilliant.

Here's a list of milestones that had to be completed, step by step. Each milestone link contains the brief description, source code and/or the design description, where applicable.
Milestone #2
Milestone #2.5
Milestone #3
Milestone #4

This is a screenshot of our project in action - note the ease of use and attractiveness of GUI, and take a peek at the piece of well-documented, readable and creative code. (Yes, we're particularly proud of the fork usage. So much for having two 2330 [ex]TAs in the team.)

Uploaded Image: snapshot01.png

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