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Foo's Bar

Welcome to Team Foo's Miletone case on the CS2340 coweb. This page is to show off our one Milestone that we got better than a 90% and we also included a little bit about our other milestones that we did not do that great on. The purpose of the bad milestones is to give you some detailed information about what we did wrong so that you will not make these same mistakes when you do your projects.

Mike Maniscalco
Michael Lawler
Collin Lobb
Jamin Hogan
TA: Ashley Taylor

Our MileStones:

The projects for the Summer 2000 cs2340 class involved designing a program that create math equations in a graphical format. To see the project discriptions see the pages below:
The class assignment consisted of five milestones, four of which were group milestones. The project that we completed as a group is Milestone 4. The others we did not recieve a 90% or better on but please do not ignore those because they will probably help you the most. In those projects we describe what we did wrong and right, and what we would do in the future to avoid the problems we had.

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