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Udit Batra

Udit Batra
Udit Batra (770)209-7840
5445 Spalding Bridge CT, Norcross, GA 30092

Objective: To obtain a full time position in Software Development/Testing, Databases, E-Commerce, Networking or other computer science fields.

Education: Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA July, 1998 – December 2001
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Graduated with Honors
GPA: 3.66/4.0 (major), GPA: 3.3/4.0 (cumulative)
Specialization: Databases, Networking, and Software Engineering

Experience: Advertech Ltd, Dunwoody, GA Software Developer, Jan 2002 – Present
Project involved in writing Digital Voice Recording applications used in call centers. Used Visual Basic, InterSytems Cache (Cache Object Script, Cache Server pages), Java (J2SE, JDBC), Sybase, and Music Telecom Voice hardware. Exposure to full software development lifecycle (Design, Development, Testing, and Installation stages).

Georgia Institute of Technology, Undergraduate Research, Jan 01 – Dec 01
Developing a prototype for generating a Graphical Query Interface from XML Schema documents. Used Java, Xerces (DOM Parser), Xalan (XPath API)

MATRA Systems, Duluth, GA Developer (Intern), May 01 - August 01, Projects involved designing, developing and testing a multithreaded, client/server application that was part of a solution for a client, written in C, embedded SQL on AIX 4.2 running Informix. Another project involved writing stored procedures in MS SQL Server 2000 for parsing flat files data into appropriate database tables for use in back office report generation.

Georgia Tech, Undergraduate Research, May 00 – May 01 Brain Computing Interface, developing alternate interfaces for making computers accessible by using brain signals. Programming in Java with AWT, Swing and Sub-Arctic GUI toolkits.

Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, January 00 – May 00
Teaching Assistant for CS2330: Languages and Translation
Teaching Assistant for CS2331: Programming Practum I

Publication: Web Accessibility for Low Bandwidth Input, J. Mankoff, M. Moore, U. Batra, A. Day. (ASSETS 2002, ACM SIGCAPH Conference on Assistive Technologies)

Skills: Programming: Java, C, Squeak (Smalltalk: 80), HTML, XML, Visual Basic
Networking: TCP/IP, UDP, Socket Client/Server Programming, IP address subnetting.
Databases: SQL, Relational Database Theory & Design. ER-models
Operating Systems: MS Windows (98, NT, 2000), UNIX (Sun Solaris, Linux, AIX)

Relevant Database Technologies: Overview of various database technologies, Object Relational
Courses: Database, Mobile database management, XML, data mining
Database Systems: SQL, ER Modeling, RDBMS, Query Languages, Project covering design and implementation of a database using MS Access, Visual Basic, and SQL.
Nortel Network Service Provider Business Plan: prepared a network architecture and business plan with a 5-year financial business case for a viable network service provider.
Software Engineering: Project Management, Risk Analysis, Testing Techniques, Software Evolution, and Quality Assurance. Software design using UML, CRC.
Networking: Sockets programming: TCP/IP, UDP client/server under Solaris using C
Objects and Design: Object Oriented Analysis, Design, Programming, and Introduction to Software Engineering. Programming in Squeak environment

Awards: Winner of UCC2000 Competition sponsored by Nortel Networks at Georgia Tech
Deans list All semesters (except one)

Activities: Georgia Tech Student Foundation, Investment Committee –Associate Member

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