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Sum00 Final Exam Review: Tradeoffs



MVC would be good for lets say a Patient class with separate views for doctors (who want to just see test results and specify diagnoses), nurses (who need to see and implement treatments), billing office(who does not need to see diagnoses but costs of treatment and tests). In this case the model would not need to be changed.

MVC would be bad if you had many different models of a state and many views for that state, a hospital for example. If the doctor changes something on a patient's record(adds a test) that view would change the model which will then trigger an update and all views would then get updated such as the laboratory view(running tests), the nurse's view and the billing office view. This could be hard to maintain.
claudia Iriele

Strengths are good. Weaknesses are close but not quite right. The example of when not to use MVC is exactly an excellent example of WHEN to use MVC. Trying to do all those updates WITHOUT MVC would be hard to maintain. Mark Guzdial

(B) OO approach is best for modeling real world problems that need to be scalable and re-useable. Example of a good problem for OO is an ebay like auction system. You would not want to use OO if you were doing something like parallel processing to do math computations.
(c) Java is more secure, is a little faster, handles exceptions better. Java is harder to port and more complex. Squeak is a little slower than java, but is more flexible and easier to support. Garabage collection between the two is almost identical. Java has more users so there is a larger knowledge base to get help from, easier for people to learn. Java is not completely cross platform compatible and squeak is.
Mike Maniscalco

MVC's method for view updating would be a problem for applications that needed the view to update immediately... for instance a heart beat monitor... if the view doesn't query updates quick enough (especially when the heart rate is low) then you might miss important heart beat flucuations or maybe the patient's heart would stop and you wouldn't know about it soon enough to get it started again...
That may be an issue, alX, though the dependency mechanism is pretty fast – certainly faster than people die due to heart failure. But in general, you're on the right track: MVC is not good for very fast updates, nor is it as good for prototyping. Mark Guzdial

heh... yeah that's a bad example =)

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