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Sum00 Final Exam Review: Design Networked Games

a)I would use a Virtual machine because they are more portable (squeak for instance), takes up less memory, don't have to worry about memory leaks and whereas in native code, you have to probably rewrite the code which can be very frustrating.

Claudia Iriele

(b) Flash in squeak is vector based and allows for interactive animation formats. This would be useful in this problem because it is interactive and flash movies can be opened ( Supports stepping, viewing thumbnails, defining a subset of movie as a new movie ) we do not have to depend on specific platforms. An Advantage of flash movies is that flash movie characters are morphs so they can be manipulated. I think an advantage to making them 3-d models and passing them as objects, it would be easy to manipulate the obejcts over the network, but 3-d objects over a network may be slow, and flash was created to be used over networks. I see in the lecture slides that Wonderland is for Windows, so it is not cross platform compatable.
(c) I would use midi's for the background music and wavs for the character voices. This way the character voices can be stored in separate files and read in when needed. Squeak supports both midis and wavs.
Mike Maniscalco

Good start for (a). Others? Mark Guzdial

Wonderland is in Squeak, and Squeak runs on everything, therefore... Mark Guzdial

Yeah, I was looking at the slide on Wonderland history and saw "Alice: 3-D programming enviornment for Windows" and didn't bother to read the rest of the slide. The Alice thing just seemed to go with Wonderland so I just kinda ignored it... Oops.

Aren't VMs supposed to be more secure for network applications?


VMs are more secure: You're limiting and filtering the programmer's access to the raw machine. Mark Guzdial

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