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Sum00 Final Exam Review: Redesigning the Math Equation Tool

(b) You could use a Factory method to decide what type of MathObject to give you based on the token as a parameter. For example, you parse a '\fract' and send that as a parameter into the factory. The factory then find the subclass that decides what to do, in this case a fraction subclass. That sublass would know to create a MathFraction with: over: and it would return that object.

Factories are worth a little more than that, Mike. I don't disagree with you, but it's important for the MathObject to define a protocol that all the subclasses will follow. That's what allows a client (some class using the Factory) to be able to say "Give me one of X, where I don't know X's class name. Now, I know that X will understand the messages A, B, and C, because all MathObjects do, and I'll never need to know X's class." That's the strength of factories. Mark Guzdial


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