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Morphic is all around nicer than MVC. The main things MVC is better at are:
  1. speed
  2. familiarity to old Smalltalkers
Morphic, on the other hand, has a great many advantages:
  1. The system handles redrawing as necessary
  2. There are a ton of widgits available
  3. It's friendlier to background threads
  4. Tranlucency
  5. Rotation and scaling are automatically supported
Tons. Use it.

To get started with Morphic, select "open->morphic project" and then click in the resulting window. A big white screen will open up, and you're in morphic.

(old version of this page:)

Here is a program we did for Lab 3, we were asked to design a cad system to draw houses. A house should have the following components: the body of the house (we'll call it house), doors, chimneys, windows and roof. You can view the code via Squeak or html. To view it in the HTML format clickCAD SYSTEM but to run
you must be in Squeak. Right click on this link and then open file in Squeak and to run simply type HouseUi start and do ctrl d. If you are interested in detailed description, here is a ReadMeFile

Open Squeak. Open Morphic project. A small window appeared on the screen. Now click on it. The background on the screen becomes gray. You can click in the middle to enlarge the Morphic page. To make sure you are in a morphic, left click and it should say World then do open and do file list and find the file and then right click and do filein. Once you have filed it in, then do a open and click on browser.

Here is another example on Morphic. For our third charette we had to implement a Stock Ticker Monitor We had to implement a programming interface so that when "StockTickerMonitor start" is called the program starts running, and the user should be able to specify how often he/she wants the program to update the graphs.

To start the stock ticker server simply file in the code, and type "STS start". This will provide a connection on port 34777. To stop the server simply type "STS stop". To download the file, StockTicker

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