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Milestone 2.5

Requirements for milestone2.5:
A detailed group plan for the team which include:

UML diagram for milestone2.5
CRC cards for milestone2.5

Analysis of design and description of classes:
we basically used the design for milestone p2 and added some classes. We added MathEquationLaTex, EquationParser, EquationScanner and ExploreWindow. MathEquationLaTex := This class invoke the parser to parse the text. It receives a math object from the parser and It sends math object to MathEquation to display the math object. And also, it pop up an explore window. EquationParser := It uses a scanner to find individual tokens. It parse inputed text using a specific grammer. Also, it passes the parse tree back to calling class.
EquationScanner := This class recognize specific tokens. Then it's
able to pick one character ahead advances to the next token. Also, it passes text between tokens to calling different classes.
ExploreWindow := This class display the hierachy given to it. It has a button to close the window.

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