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Milestone 2

Requirements for milestone2:
Construct a user-interface for assembling an equation. The user should be able to choose from base objects (e.g., basic strings, Greek letters, fractions, superscript/subscript) and be able to define where these pieces go (e.g., a string in the numerator of the fraction, an superscripted equation in the denominator).It must be possible to generate a ImageMorph containing the Form of the end equation

How to start the program:
MathEquationUI start.

UML diagram for milestone2
CRC cards for milestone2

UI for milestone2:

User executes "MathEquationUI start" in workspace, this window will jump out in the Morphic project.

User can click on any button, say fraction button, another smaller window will pop up inside the big window and it will prompt for numerator and denominator.

User can click on any button on the small window for further operation, or just click on the Text button to input some text. In this example I entered "ABCD" for numerator and "EFG" for the denominator.

Analysis of design and description of classes:
In this project we made a mathEquation UI which has several buttons on it: MathFracton, MathOperation, MathSubscript, MathSuperscript, GreekSymbol, Text and clearDisplay buttons.

Users can click on any button to do a math operation. When a button is clicked, a corresponding window is popped up and users can click on any button again until they want to finish and click on Text button.

To be user friendly, we also created a Clear Display button, users can click on this button to remove the previous display and do a new operation.

What we learned and what we need to do for the later milestones:

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