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Sum00 Final Exam Review: UML

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Another type of UML diagram is a sequence diagram. It shows an interaction arranged in time sequence. It shows the objects participating in the interaction by their "lifelines" and the messages that they exchange arranged in time sequence. It doesn't show associations among the objects. Sequence are better for real-time specifications and for complex scenarios.

Daniel Phommathep

Any others? Mark Guzdial

How about use case diagrams? You can use them to show the interactions between the program and the actors, or those people who will actually use the program. Also, they can be used to flesh out the requirements of the program by showing each of the different things that the program should be doing.

Adam Blaiss

Do CRC cards count?

I'm thinking that they won't becuase in 2340, the specific lecture about different UML types, CRC cards weren't mentioned. This is kind of confusing as 2341 taught us that they were included as a type of UML, but I would stick with the basics to be sure: sequence diagrams, state diagrams, and use case diagrams.

As an addon, if you look at the question, it is specifically looking for a diagram so that definitely disqualifies CRC cards.

Adam Blaiss

maybe it's just me but i seem to get the impression that CRC cards are better used after you've gone through the UML design process. That way you can test your design by shuffling crc cards...

CRC cards typically come BEFORE UML, as a way of exploring the problem before defining the solution. But CRC cards are NOT part of UML, so no, they don't count. (Sorry!) Use case diagrams are another good one, but there are others (e.g., state diagrams). Remember that you'll have to be able to describe the diagram and explain why it's useful. Mark Guzdial

what are the advatages and disadvatages of uml

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