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A New Syntax for Squeak

Alan Kay has been saying that he'd like to take Squeak in totally new, totally non-Smalltalk directions, and he's just taken the first step that way. What's most interesting is that it's not non-Smalltalk. Instead, the new syntax is 1-to-1 mappable with Smalltalk, so you can switch back and forth.

If you want to my it, file in colonfreesyntax.cs.gz. Follow the directions in the preamble – it actually works in all browsers.

Here's what it looks like:

Uploaded Image: newsyntax.gif

Of course, I've played around with this a bit, and if I have the color highlighting syntax going that....Bob...Arning? maybe, did, some odd things happen with comments. What's going on here?

ps. Additionally, I really think you should upgrade the standard image you're using for the class to one with the package browser changes set filed in. It's ever so useful, and it comes in a wonderful yellowish color. =)

I noticed that you can't file in old style code with the new syntax enabled. I think this is a little odd. Shouldn't it parse the old style into the new on the fly when it tries to read it?

It's actually supposed to file out in traditional format, so that the syntax is just cosmetic. Are you using Squeak 3.0? The new syntax is pretty solid in 3.0. Mark Guzdial

Squeak 3.1 alpha something something, I think. Shaggz - I should point out that it DOES file out regular old style code. That part works just peachy. But then attempting to file that same code back in fails. That's what I don't understand.

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