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Sum2000 Midterm Review: Short Essays

Seriously important one – do try this one.

a. The idea in simulations is to model real world activities as close as possible to get an idea of how something similar might actually work in the real world as opposed to on a computer. Object oriented programming takes the same focus, as the initial planning (OOA) should be analyzed in the form of real objects and how they would interact with each other. Also, unlike structured programming, each object represents an actual object as opposed to a verb based structure of "doing". This is much like objects in simulations which are tied to some concrete noun.

b. A CRC card is a Class-Responsibilities-Colaborators card. It is used for helping to design an object system and are quite useful as they don't need any programming-like language to understand and therefore even high level executives that can't program can understand how things should work. They also let you manipulate scenarios so you can easily see how things work and their concrete fashion help groups come together to work things out and understand the program. They should be used during object oriented analysis.

c. Well, delegation is the idea that a requested object should be able to handle the requested service for another object if the object deems it to be so. Therefore, inheritance is just a special kind of delegation between subclasses and superclasses where delegation is implied if the subclass doesn't overwrite a method given in the superclass.

d. Objects should be thought as "biological cells" because of their properties. For instance, cells are their own entity but they can be used in unison to create animals, human beings, and all sorts of other living creatures. In the same way, objects should be able to handle things on their own with little to no help from any other objects. This is what is known as modularity, as the object doesn't rely on anything else to do what it needs to do. However, you should be able to create an enormous object system using multiple types of multiple objects. This is known as scalability, as the object is able to be replicated to be used in different situations mulitple times. If scalability and modularity are both present in an object, then it is definitely a well planned and defined object.

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