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Team Termindaters

Team Termindaters

Semester: Fall 2010

Project Description:
This semester we were to design and implement a calendar system that allowed a user to log in and add events to the calendar. It also required us to have a to-do list where the user could add items to the to-do list and include those due dates on the calendar as well. We also had to implement a system administrator and a way to include groups and group administrators to the system. We ended up calling our calendar SpeedDate since it was supposed to be a quick system that users could log into and perform all of their tasks within one program.

Overall, our group worked individually on most things after we divided up the work since we had many problems actually finding a meeting time that worked for everyone. We meet as a whole a few times throughout the semester, but we used email for everything else as well as Store for the programming of our design.

M1-Team Contract
M2-Domain Design
M3-Application Design
M6-Domain Coding(main code)
M7-GUI Coding
M8-HCI Evaluations
M9-The Redesign
M10-The Twist (making a website)

Here's a picture of our final design:


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