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Performing a Design Review

Performing a Design Review

During this class, one of the extra credit assignments was to perform a design review of our design as well as a SAAM (Software Architecture Analysis Method) review of our design.

For the design review, we analyzed our design based on FURPS. F stands for Functionality. U stands for usability. R stands for reliability. P stands for performance and S stands for security/safety/sustainability. We used the design review checklist for the CS 4911 class ( to help us review our design. The main issue with our report was that we did not include a conclusion about our design in the design review and the SAAM report. The SAAM report was where we took several scenarios whether they were indirect and direct and how they would affect our design if we actually implemented the changes suggested by the scenarios. A direct scenario is one in which can already be done by the current design of the system and an indirect scenario is one that cannot be performed by the design.

When we received our report back, we realized that we interpreted the letters of FURPS slightly wrong and that functionality is the traceability of the program showing that our design can perform all of its functional requirements. We also interpreted performance of the program as to whether or not it actually performed what we were asking of it, and instead this letter meant that we were talking about response times and fitting into the space constraints of the program.

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