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Most Helpful Cases

Over the many semesters of 2340, students have created a ton of cases pages. Below I have compiled a list of the tips, tricks, and entire cases my team and I found most helpful throughout the semester.

General Tips:

Useful Cases:

Index of Individual Cases - If you are looking for cases on a specific topic this a good first destination

General Course Advice

CS2340 Survival Guide - Matt Shorrosh

How to ace the new format final - Ajai Karthikeyan

Getting Current Day/Time etc. by Sam Asghari

CS 2340 class advice and smalltalk help by Tyler Hastings

Types of Lists in Smalltalk - Jacob Paul

Aspect Adapters - Creating a List Widget

How to setup a Smalltalk website - Derek Tatum

SAAM Analysis

Demo Tips - Mike Hirth

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