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How to Easily Conduct a Heurisitc Evaluation

Learn to conduct a heuristic evaluation here.

During the semester, there will come a time when you will be required to conduct an evaluation of the UI of another group's product. There are a variety of different evaluations that your group could conduct, but the easiest (and by far the least time consuming) is the heuristic evaluation.

This evaluation is essentially a method for finding usability problems in a system, so that the problems can be addressed and corrected while still in the design/production phase.

My group put together a list of tasks that the system is supposed to be able to handle. When we got access to the other teams system, we simply tried to execute those tasks. If the method for executing the tasks was complicated or confusing, we took note of that. If the system worked as we expected it should, we took note of that as well. Each group member did this individually (to save us from having to meet) and each member emailed their concerns/notes to one member of the group. That member compiled the reviews and sent the rough draft to everybody. We then met to finalize the paper.

That is all. It was extremely easy. This milestone should not be that hard. If it turns out to be a pain, you are probably doing it wrong. Take a step back and re-evaluate your process.

There are, however, certain common sense things that that get overlooked as well.

I hope you enjoyed this!!

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