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Tell us about your favorite albums, some great music you've heard recently, or even stuff you hate!

Flaming Lips - Clouds Taste Metallic - it's a bit old, but still worth buying, along with In A Priest Driven Ambulance. Shaggz

Shaggy - His CD kicks ass
Ju Rule - Hip/hop with a pop beat

ol' dirty bastard - return to the 36 chambers - the dirty version
reggie and the full effect - greatest hits '84 - '87
Lost Sounds - Memphis is dead
opened for Man or Astroman? recently – insane - songs like "satan bought me" and "memphis 99" can't be forgotten.
HIM - Razorblade Romance (have not purchased yet but will soon)
allegedly Bam Margera's "favorite"
JMascis & the fog - More Light
an amazing album - very nice - we can always appreciate more light right? plenty of nervey guitar work for everyone!
Afroman - Sell Your Dope!!!
i said "goddamn"!!!!!

JU RULE is the hottest!!:)

whoops celestial soda pop is just one song
Le Tigre - "Le Tigre"
quality music that mixes some riot grrl, punk (well, i guess riot grrl kinda had this anyway), and a dash of electronics (not techno, by any means). Lead singer is Kathleen Hanna, formerly of Bikini Kill.

North Mississippi Allstars, John Medeski, Robert Randolph - doin' the gospels you love!
Ween - God Satan Ween

Butthole surfers - Weird Revolution
whose insane tour came through ATL last night
string cheese incident - on the road

As One - Never too far (3)
Baby Vox - Devotion (6)
L'Arc~en~ciel - Clicked Singles best

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