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How to merge versions in the repository

Learning how to merge different versions of your project submitted in the repository is extremely useful. Say, for instance, I open up the most current version of the repository and begin editing the classes I had been working on and creating new classes. Meanwhile another member of my group opens up the most current version of the repository and makes some changes and then publishes his new version. After I work on my changes for 4 hours, I publish my newest version. Now our group has 2 new versions and nobody knows which one to open and work on. This is where a merge comes into play.

Step 1. Load your version

After you do this, you should see "image from: (your version, your username)" above the other versions.


Step 2. Right click the newest version (not yours) and select 'merge'
Now you will see all of the differences in the versions.

Step 3. Select changes

The green plus means that the class or method was added. Go through each changed method and view the changes below(marked in red) and select version you want to keep in the upper right quadrant. Once you select which version you want, click the flag at the top to accept that version for the method/class. In order to accept an entire class for one version, just click the class, select the version you want, and click the flag.

Step 4. Click the Apply All button at the top
You now have the merged version loaded, but not published.

Step 5. Publish the merged copy

You can now either click 'Packages' at the top and select Publish packages, or you can close this window, continue working on the merged version, and then publish as you normally would.

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