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Summer 2000 General Chatter

I keep opening Squeak, it defaults to my backup image, and I just about pee in my pants. Maybe i should figure out how to change that. Jason Foster

The squeak editor:
Why does it default to "yes" when it asks you if you want to cancel changes? Why does it even ask, why doesn't it just save? Why does it have to be syntaxically correct before it will save (not counting image save). Why won't the thing go away when you click away? (Instead, it comes back, and once again defaults to yes).

I trust that once I get used to it, it will have its advantages, but so far the editor just blows and loses my work.Jason Foster

I often do Print-It's in the middle of my code, when testing something or debugging. I don't want those saved when I leave the browser.

You can change the image, even set up infinitely tiling images. Mark Guzdial

Heh. There's a built-in Tetris morph. Open a Morphic Project and click the desktop to get a World menu, choose "new morph..." then choose "Tetris" from the "Games" submenu. Make the window start spinning and it's Tetris on a whole new level. :) Chris Campbell

Also, if you think the System Browser editor "blows," maybe it will blow less with syntax hilighting. Check out for the changeset containing a SyntaxHilighting class that will give you pretty colors in the System Browser. Chris Campbell

Cool, thanks Chris. One of the people who took it in the Spring told me about this, but I couldn't find it. Jason Foster

My only problem with the syntax Hilighting is that the system browser ends up with these tiny little fonts ( or so they seem when running it at say, anything larger than 800x600), which is really quite annoying. For an added bonus, if you remove the syntax hilighting category, you get a host of neat errors. Give it a try sometime. Shaggz Mickley

Okay, if we lock our who's who page and can't seem to remember the password (or maybe mistyped the password) who can reset it for us?

Oh, I dunno, maybe, Satan? Man, I'd sell my soul for a doughnut right about now. Shaggz Mickley
However, if you're looking for a real solution, I would imagine the admin for this Swiki, Mark? maybe? someone at OIT? I really have no idea.

Who else is up at this ungodly hour?
Oh wait ... it's 6:30. Ok, that's not so ungodly. Un-demigodly, then. I was under the impression that it was more along the lines of 4am or so.

The Who's Who does get locked occasionally (purely by accident and not malice, I'm quite sure :-). There are some magical incantations we can use to unlock it. OIT won't help you – they continue to pretend that the CoWeb doesn't exist. CNS is just learning CoWeb.


Mark Guzdial

I found something that is really useful that may save you some otherwise frustrating time. If you are writing test code in a workspace, and you don't want to accidentally close it, click the blue button on the close button (the one with the 'x') and you will see the morphic halos pop up. If you click the "close morph" halo, the pink one with the "x", you will delete the close button!!
To get rid of the workspace when you finaly need to, just keep
clicking the blue button on it till you get to the morph called 'System window', and delete it the same way you deleted the close button.

Want a bigger browser than the one that World -> open... -> browser brings up? Well, that menu selection is simply calling Browser openBrowser (a class method), which calls openBrowserView:label:.

So if you want to change something (say, the default size), change that method. Mine now looks like:

openBrowserView: aBrowserView label: aString
"Schedule aBrowserView, labelling the view aString."

aBrowserView isMorph
aBrowserView setLabel: aString.
aBrowserView openInWorld.
aBrowserView bounds: (10@10 extent: 750@660).
aBrowserView label: aString.
aBrowserView minimumSize: 320@240.
aBrowserView subViews do: [:each | each controller].
aBrowserView controller open.
Chris Campbell

Is there a way to un-embed a morph? I haven't been able to find it, if so. Chris Campbell

Actually, I think I found something that works. :)

r _ RectangleMorph new.
r openInWorld.

e _ EllipseMorph new.
e openInWorld.

r addMorph: e.

r removeAllMorphsIn: (Array with: e).
e openInWorld.

That will "un-embed" the EllipseMorph e from the RectangleMorph r and show it onscreen in the same position. Chris Campbell

As a way of procrastinating the lab, project, and 2331 lab I have yet to do today, I made a pretty icon for the Mac Squeak VM. Also gave it a BNDL resource so that your image files can be associated with the VM (e.g., double-click the image...don't have to drag and drop). A link is on my Who's Who page. Chris Campbell

So... how many days until we get our midterm grades, and how will it be done? Thanks,

Daniel Gredler

Can someone please explain why this isn't working. I get an error at the addMorph:frame: lines. In fact, I ALWAYS get an error on an addMorph:frame: line. I can't even compile the code in the book! I thought it might have been since I defined the pane's extent already that was causing the error, but I commented it out and it still doesn't work. Just trying to draw a window for my house. Those first four variables are instance vars in case you're wondering.

I'm out - b

drawWindow: scale on: canvas

window pane

windowWidth _ 20.
windowHeight _ 20.
paneWidth _ 10.
paneHeight _ 10.

window _ RectangleMorph new
borderWidth: 1;
color: (Color lightBlue).
window extent:((scale windowWidth) ((scale ) windowHeight)).

pane _ RectangleMorph new
borderWidth: 1;
color: (Color transparent).
"pane extent: ((scale paneWidth) ((scale ) paneHeight))."

window addMorph: pane frame: (0@0 extent: 0.25@0.25).
window addMorph: pane frame: (0.5@0.5 extent: 0.25@0.25).

canvas addMorphCentered: window.


I don't think RectangleMorphs understand addMorph:frame: Mark Guzdial

Does anyone know how to change the cursor color in the browser? It shows up as a bright lime green, which is hard to see when the background is also green. I know you can change the background colors but I would rather just change the cursor color. Thanks.

Take a look at HandMorph, maybe? Mark Guzdial

I just tried to have an AlignmentMorph do centering:#bottomRight and
Squeak completely freaked out. It would not respond to anything. When
it came back, it had renamed all my local variables in the class I was
working in "t1, t2, t3, etc.", took out all my comments and whitespace
and won't let me ADD any comments or whitespace i.e do Alt s and they disappear. For the record, I would just like to say WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmm, I don't know what WTF is, but I don't think that the AlignmentMorph had anything to do with Squeak freaking out. My guess is that the network hiccuped in the cluster when you did that, so your .changes file got hosed. Squeak balked when it lost the changes file, and that's why nothing new is being added correctly. See Squeak FAQ for more on this problem. Mark Guzdial

Y2K bug in Squeak. The file list has the dates one day off. I think this may be due to the Y2K leapyear bug.

Andy Fortier
I'm looking for a buddy chat program similar to the play of tetris. also at the bottom, lemmings find infinite ways to remove, detroy, relocate, steal, and manipulate the structuralism of the blocks to make room and measures for the falling words. each falling word cyphers through thoughts to others in order to complete a sum message. the remaining and ajoining words form a mutated sector of an evolving story. The communication is that of local area networks of day to day friends and that of a phsychic feeling. Ai inteleigence remains for later use of logs by others and a basic feeling of imunity far stronger and more accurate than that of any chat bot. this game makes you feel in communication with just about any location and any person for means of knowledge and information. I had to draw the machet to learn more about it.