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M6 Team Smalltalk

Domain Coding
In M6, you will implement the Basic Domain Objects. You should also start some of the UI screens necessary to populate that model. You may also use SUnit to populate some of the model. You should have basic load/store functionality for the model. (Now you see why we recommended you get a head start in M5). Extra Credit does not have to be demo'd till end of semester. As long as you make a legitimite attempt at delivery (i.e. get a majority of the requirements done), then you may demo missing requirements later in semester for full credit. If you do not, then any requirements demo'd after M6 due date will incur a late penalty.

Implement Domain Objects
Create SUnit tests to unit test your core Domain Objects (you do not need to write tests for trivial accessor/modifier methods or for gui-specific methods)
The TA's will not type anything in the workspace except XXXAppModel open. Or TestRunner open. You have to have code written for them to test your application. At the TA's discression, you may demo your application. This demo may occur after the due date. You may demo the latest version of your code at the demo (i.e. you may demo code written after due date), however you must submit your st file on t-square by the deadline to get full credit on the milestone.

Since Professor Waters didn't teach us SUnit yet at this point, we didn't have to use it.

I don't have a milestone .st file, but I will post our final product here and in M7.

Make sure to get started on this early. If you don't you will be frustrated and ready to pounce at anyone who just glances at you. We actually didn't get all the functionality working by this point and Glorp was not even implemented yet.

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