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M4 Team Smalltalk

Launch VP and create a new project named M4.
Model the following static information in a Class Diagram:
A Board class is made up of 25 Squares and has a startTurn method.
A Board knows its Squares, the Tokens and the Dice.
A Square may have an optional Token on it, a color and a name.
A Square does not know its Board
A Dice class has a method roll which returns an integer.
A Token class has a method move with takes and integer parameter and returns nothing and knows what Square it is on.
Now create a new Sequence Diagram for the scenario take a turn.
1. The scenario begins with the trigger which is receipt of the startTurn Message by Board.

2. The Board sends the roll message to the Dice class.

3. The Board sends the move message to the Token class.

4. While the token is on a red square, continue rolling and moving.

5. Otherwise the scenario ends.

Submit your M4 project file (.vpp) on t-square.

M4 was fairly simple. Just go and download Virtual Paradigm and do all your work from there. It is pretty straightforward.


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