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Running Squeak

You can run Squeak from Windows or Linux in the labs.


Squeak should be in S:\Apps\Squeak. Drag the image and changes file onto the squeak program (the mouse icon). Your image and changes file must be in a directory writable by you (c:\temp or h:\whatever) or else you will have problems saving anything. If something goes wrong and you cannot fileout, check out the Squeak FAQ.

Squeak Not on the machine? - If your machine does not mount jefferson, then follow the directions on this page to get Squeak.

Still not finding it? Go to Using this CoWeb and download a fresh copy.


Squeak is installed on the college Unix machines in /usr/local/public.

The easiest way to use Squeak on Unix is to open a terminal (on the RedHat machines, right-click on the blue background and select New->Terminal; on other Unices it is in different places), and then type the following commands:

    mkdir squeak
    cd squeak

This will set up the directory "squeak" with an image and changes file and a symbolic link to a sources file. (The fourth file, the VM, is left as /usr/local/public/bin/squeakvm.) To run Squeak after the first time, run the same commands without the "mkdir".

For more information, add /usr/local/public/man to your MANPATH environment variable and then see "man squeak" and "man squeakvm".

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