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M3 Team Smalltalk

M3 Requirements
Create team page and indicate your team members. (PLEASE DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE)
A brainstormed list of Domain classes
A list of candidate classes after filtering
A set of CRC cards for the candidate classes. Cards should be filled out on both sides (role stereotypes and responsibilities/purpose). These should real index cards, not a word document.
A set of scenarios that cover typical uses of system and exercise the CRC Cards. The number of scenarios is left to you, but they should cover the major uses of the system.
Meet with assigned TA to discuss your design and get corrections.

Our class diagram:

1. It is the middle of the semester and a student has had low grades displayed on his reports. He withdraws from those courses. Their status is set to inactive.
2. A professor wants to change a grade for a student from a previous semester. He pulls up the archived grades and edits them. The transcript is edited with the change.
3. A student is graduating. His status is now set to inactive and his transcript is archived. His id number is removed from the system.
4. A professor adds an assignment to a course. The assignment is added to the section of a course and has instructions posted with it along with a due date.
5. A semester ends. Grades are added to studentsí transcripts and their status in the section is set to inactive. All of the courses from the semester that just ended are archived.
6. A semester begins. New sections of courses are added to the system and professors are associated with them. Students are added as they register for the course.
7. A student is added to the system. They are given an id number and a unique username and a password to log in with.
8. A student tries to log into their account 3 times and mistypes their password incorrectly each time. Their username is locked and a message is sent to the administrator. The account remains locked until their account is reset by the administrator.

Brainstormed Classes:
Admin User (For maintenance purposes)
Professor User (Professors can edit grades)
Student User

Unfortunately I do not have our CRC cards, so I couldn't upload them.

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