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Heuristic Evaluation made faster with Excel - Shashank Chamoli

For all teams that choose to do a Heuristic Evaluation, the following link contains a checklist for the same:

Just by looking at the checklist, one can see that this is not something that can be done in the same time it takes to make toast (Unless of course, if I'm the one cooking ).

Anyway, conducting a Heuristic Evaluation can be long and tedious, especially if you are doing it in a word processor. Doing it in Excel however, expedites the process greatly. I have attached an Excel version of the same list for your convenience and I have also included a tutorial to import the check list (or any HTML based table for that matter) into Microsoft Excel.

Excel File: HeuristicEval.xlsx

Tutorial: Import tables on the web into Microsoft Excel

This tutorial uses Office 2010 as a basis, although I am positive that earlier versions have a similar feature.

This is pretty straightforward, step one is finding a web page with a table you wish to import.
Next, open Excel and navigate to the "Data" tab (might be called something else in earlier versions). Look in the "Get External Data" section, click the button that says "From Web".
A small window named "New Web Query" will open. Insert the link to the web page with the table in the address bar.


Once the web page opens, you will see an icon with a small arrow in it near areas which Excel considers as tables. If you click it, it will select that particular table. Once you've selected all the tables you need, just hit import and those tables will now be a part of the spreadsheet.

I did encounter some problems while printing, so make sure you preview the document before printing. You might have to play around with the properties a little.

I hope that was helpful in some way.

Good Luck!

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