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Questions for Lab1 - Summer 2000

Please place any questions about lab 1 for Summer 2000 here

On Step 4, do you want us to give you the method that sends the message that causes the pop-up window to appear, or the method that actually implements the window? For example, if method A is the method called when the label is to be edited, and sends the message B, do we give you A or B? Hope that makes sense.

Geoff McElroy

Yea it makes sense. It was a common question asked during the lab also so it is obviously not clear. If you submit either then it will be accepted since it is obvious from one that you can find the other in Squeak. As for which way we would prefer it, give us the code for a method that calles the pop-up window method.Eric Anderson

Turnin instructions????

Collin Lobb

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