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UI Coding

This is the part of our University Management System which allowed us to really test our code. This is where we hooked up the previous skeleton to the graphical user interface. We used the palette to basically design our Graphical User Interface. We did something really interesting that most groups didn't do. We had a sub-canvas and a list of the classes/other graphic user interfaces in a list and it came up in the sub canvas when you selected which one you wanted. We felt the pop up windows got to be quite redundant. Our Graphical User Interface turned out completely different than our mock up images that we designed for M5. Again, we delegated work for this milestone of our project. We added necessary classes, methods, instances, and sunit tests for whatever we needed. We didn't have a complete working version right away but we demoed near dead weak. This goes back to STARTING EARLY on this part and work very diligently. We had a great team and it was still hard for us to finish everything on time.

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