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Domain Coding

This is basic small talk programming here. You basically take your UML Diagram and implement it into actual code. The way our group did this the best was for all of us to start with a basic class such as users and make our "getters" and "setters". We then set all our initialize methods setting all the instances we used to nil or a String or orderedCollection. We then did our printStrings to make sure that the getters and setters were returning the correct information. Then we made the class specific methods such as addStudent to section. We basically made all the classes from the simplest parts and built up. We added classes as we went. We got this done quiet quick. We also made the SUNIT tests by looking at the SUNIT cases that The professor had given us for M1 & M2. We basically made the skeleton for our University Management System and added methods, instances, and classes as we went.

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