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Team Work In Progress

Travis Hint
Michael Riley
Nicholas Watson
Matt Zacharias

This is Team Work In Progress's M10 page. Who is Team Work In Progress? To answer that question, we have to go back in time to January 2010. Mike Riley had been the odd man out of a group, and Nick had been looking for a group. Rather than dropping the class in disgust, both Nick and Mike decided to create a rag tag band of programmers, and completed M3 with just the two of them. Soon after, the duo was scanning the wanted sections of T-Square, and a rouge CM major caught their eye. "He's perfect for the group Mike! We have to contact him." Matt Zach, or Zach Matt as Mike would call him for the rest of the semester, was more than happy to join the merry band, and together they started on M5. Meanwhile, a lone powerhouse of a programmer, Travis Hint found himself without a group halfway through the semester. He had a group for M3, but all of his group mates dropped on drop day! Travis was desperate for a group, and was disheartened and dismayed. The team immediately recognized the potential of Travis, and happily made him the 4th man. Together, with their talents combined, they formed Team Group In Progress, and proceeded to destroy every programming assignment they were given with perfect scores. Team Work In Progress is a perfect example of a group of complete strangers who brought themselves together to fight for the common good and do good work too.

M5 Team Work in Progress

M6 Team Work in Progress

M7 Team Work in Progress

M8 Team Work in Progress

M9 Team Work in Progress

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