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How to organize your group wisely - Russell Strauss

Organizing your group wisely

When you first begin to choose your group for this class, make sure you choose your members wisely. Every member of your team will likely bring different skills to the table that may or may not be useful for your project. First off, don't just choose other students who you think will do all the work for you because you really don't even get started with all that much group work for a month or so in M5. Don't wait for long to start looking for group members because even though you won't start meeting for a while, everyone will soon get cemented into their groups and you will be stuck with the leftovers. And nobody likes leftovers. Make sure to get at least one member of the team that is solid in their coding ability. While all of you might be amazing designers, that won't do you much good when it comes time to implement your project. If the coder in your group does a ton of the work, try to redeem yourself by doing extra credit, creating the design documents in the various milestones, creating the UML's, making sure everything is finished on time, and all of the other organizational work that needs to be done to finish the project.

Don't wait until the last minute. Send a message out to the group that says, "Hey, when do you guys want to get started on M[X]?" You might be waiting for someone else to do it, but they're probably doing the same thing. Someone has to rally the troops, so maybe it's you.

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