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How to get Visual Works up and Running on a Mac and Basic Tips - Alexa Kaminsky

To get started go to the cincom website and dowload smalltalk

Picture 3.png

Picture 4.png

Next click on products, products: VisualWorks, then VisualWorks: Download
Picture 5.png

Click on the Net Installer option to download VisualWorks
Picture 6.png

Click on the Mac OSX version and it will automatically start downloading VisualWorks
Picture 7.png

Drag the VisualWorks Application into the application folder
Picture 8.png

You will find the Installer for VisualWorks in your application folder under the name InstallMacOSX
Picture 9.png

Install the Typical Installation and follow the downloading steps
Picture 10.png

Once VisualWorks is downloaded you will find it in your home directory under the folder vw7.7nc. Open that folder
Picture 11.png

Now open the bin folder
Picture 12.png

Next open the Macx folder
Picture 13.png

Then double click on the visual application
Picture 14.png

Once VisualWorks loads, it will ask you what image to load. For now you want to load the The image folder is within the vw7.7vc folder
Picture 15.png

Welcome to VisualWorks! Now to set up the image you will always be working in. Go to file and then save image as
Picture 16.png

Name this image working. Everytime you open up VisualWorks now you will pick the instead of
Picture 17.png

Now I will show you where the most important things in VisualWorks is. Go to Browse and pick System.
Picture 18.png

Here is where you will do almost all of your coding for this class. Know and love this window well
Picture 19.png

Close out of the System window and go to Tools and then to Workspace
Picture 20.png

The workspace is where you can test pieces of code and and run some code
Picture 21.png

Lastly go to System and then Parcel Manager
Picture 22.png

The Parcel Manager is where you will download additions to VisualWorks like being able to make graphs in your UI or color code your code.
Picture 23.png

If there is one piece of information that I can give to anyone is that get a great group. Not just a group that can code but a group that you can also have fun with, go on adventures with, and try new things. You spend a lot of time together and you have to really enjoy being in your groups company.

Shout out to Snowpocalypse!!

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