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Team Identity Withheld


Andrew Muldowney
Chelsea McClinton
Michelle Bjornas
Tania Srivastava
Huda Osman


Our project this semester is to write a basic course management system for a university. Everyone complains about t-square, so we had a chance to build a small system to explore some of the issues involved. This project was set in milestones, and as a group we had to create this mini t-square system step by step. We learned a lot of things through this process, some through easy ways and others the hard way, and wed like to share these findings with you to assist you through your own process. One of the major lessons we learned was the importance of working together as a group. It is very easy to put the large amount of work on one person in the group, however, it is critical that every member contributes equally and is consistently working together to get things done. This way, the entire group will progress together and no one member will fall behind. Once a person falls behind, it is difficult to catch up and get up to date with how the system is coming along. Also, meeting up is very essential and taking advantage of TA help is a smart thing to do. We hope these little pieces of general advice help you get started and give you an idea of an efficient way to manage your group work!

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