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How to make 'http://localhost:8008/' work(Step by Step) - Hanbyul Kim

(This is Based on Cincom VisualNC version 7.7)

1. How to connect to localhost:8008

1)Open VisualNC. Then click on "System" on the menu bar.

HB(1.1)-VisualNC_System menu opened up.jpg

2)Select "Load Parcels Named..."

HB(1.2)-Click on Load Parcels Named.jpg

3)We need to find "WebToolkit" from the list, so type "web", then it is the second from the end.

HB(1.3)-Load Parcel.jpg

4)Once you select the parcel, it will be loaded to your program. As the picture below shows you are going to see an additional icon on your menu. Click on it.

HB(1.4)-WebToolKit Loaded.jpg

5)You will see the picture below. Now it is time to create server. Click "Create Server"

HB(1.5)-server console.jpg

6)After clicking the button, you will see the following window. This is the window to create your server. Now click on "Server Type" drop down menu.

HB(1.6)-before create server.jpg

7)To create localhost we need to choose "Smalltalk HTTP Server (Tiny HTTP)". Click on it.

HB(1.7)-Click on Smalltalk HTTP Server.jpg

8)Now, fill the Hostname as "localhost", and Port as "8008". Then, hit "Create and Start" Button

HB(1.8)-hostname and port fill in.jpg

9)Yay! The server is created. Super Easy! you can see the server is active!!(Green Circle)

HB(1.9)-server activated.jpg

2. How to show your web design at the local host

1)So What? Now you need to show what you have designed. Open your Internet Browser and type "http://localhost:8008/" for the web address. When you use Internet Explorer make sure you type in "http://". It doesn't automatically change "localhost:8008" into "http://localhost:8008/", so you might see error message.
Once you type in the web address, you will see the following picture.

HB(2.1)-access to localhost8008.jpg

2)We just got access for the localhost. So now it's time to create your web page. Click on "Manage Sites" and then you will see the following picture. To create a website, first of all, you need to place whatever web code you have under "web" folder. The folder exists under where you installed your VisualNC program. Then, you need to put your site name. In my case I will say 'sandbox'(it can be anything you want). After putting the name on it click on "Create New Site".

HB(2.2)-after clicking on manage sites.jpg

3)Now this is very last step to see your webpage. Before doing anything, please create a file named "hello.ssp"(This is a test file), and type the following for the code.

            <title>Bob's Test Page</title>
         <body bgcolor="white">
               <h1>Welcome to My Webpage!!</h1>
               The date today is <%=Date today%>

The code is based on HTML and
are for smalltalk code. HTML is used for designing the web page, and then the smalltalk code is the actual code that makes it work!
After saving "hello.ssp" file under the 'web' folder mentioned earlier, fill in the blank as follow. On 'Configuration File:' section, it is set as nil as basic, but MAKE SURE YOU ERASE IT, or you will get 'Site Configuration Error'.

HB(2.25)-Site Configuration Page.jpg

4)Once you click on submit button, you will see the following(Other than "hello.ssp", you see a lot more files here. They are for the website I really need to create later so don't worry!)
On this page, click on 'hello.ssp'.

HB(2.3)-creating your site.jpg

5)Yay! If you can see this webpage, it is done! The date should be the current day for you!

HB(2.4)-Testing site.jpg

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