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Krispy Team

Team Members
Jeff Wells
Kenneth Stewart
Jason Lin
Charles Kirby

Our Story
We, Krispy Team, are an ensemble of elite software engineers. We don't despise the CoC Commons and the long work hours it implies; we love it. Like all other great beings, we derive our supernatural powers from one thing and one thing only: Krispy Kreme doughnuts. With them, we are unstoppable; without them, we can not write a single line of code. We decided there was no greater way to pay homage to our elixir, than to unite under the Krispy name.

The Project
The semester we took CS2340, the group project was to make a Course Management System (like T-Square) Here is the
grading breakdown:

6 Group Project Milestones>Fall 2008 Project Milestones (44)
M3 Domain Design -10%
M5 Application/Gui Design - 10%
M6 Domain Implementation - 6%
M7 Gui Implementation - 6%
M8 UI Evaluation - 7%
M9 The Twist!!! - 5%

THE TIP OF ALL TIPS: Your TA is there to help you. Do not be afraid to ask him or her for
help because they will be happy to do it.

Krispy Team: M3 - Domain Design
Krispy Team: M5 - Application Design
Krispy Team: M6 - Domain Coding
Krispy Team: M7 - UI Coding
Krispy Team: M8 - UI Evaluation
Krispy Team: M9 - Design Twist

Extra Credit
Krispy Team: SAAM Evaluation
Krispy Team: FURPS Evaluation

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