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Connecting an Action to Your GUI Button - Candace Mitchell

Connecting an Action to Your GUI Button

Here are a couple of notes about implementing methods according to the buttons on your GUI once they are clicked:

So in the GUI Painter Tool, you'll notice when you click a button that it has String: _____ - just replace what's in the textbox with the label
for the button.

As for connecting code to it, you also notice on that same screen where it says Action: ______ - type #method, where method refers to a method
you've already coded. So for instance, you want a button to call addTemps, then in the Action textbox, you type: #addTemps

You should only be able to edit the dialog box's name through the main top level and not from the button... if it's changing when you edit the text, then something's not right. Try deleting that button and make a new one and see if it behaves the same way. If still having problems, then save your project and restart Vworks.


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