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Tips for Include Files - Candis Pham

A required feature of your M9, include files are easy to add and maintain. My group had at first assumed we had one when we didn't so we got some points taken off. However, we got them back after doing some more research to find out exactly what include files were and re-submitting our work.

Don't get the include file confused with your .css file. They both do the same basic thing. However, the .css works with the page styles and the include file works with data such as code for tables or images. Also, put the include files where you would normally have the code.

We used ours in holding the table specifications so that every page had the same general feel to it. Variables were used to make each page unique.

Syntax for include files:

Be sure that the path to the included file (headers\ is relative to the including file. If the file containing this #include statement is not in the html directory, the statement will not work.

Also, be sure to put the "#include file ="headers\" in html comment code.

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