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Creating an executable file in Smalltalk - Chris Forrence

WARNING: This is primarily for Windows machines. In addition, make sure any web-based parcels are unloaded.

  1. Load the parcel Application Development -> RuntimePackager
  2. Go to Tools -> Runtime Packager
  3. At Clean Up Image, click on Do This Step.
  4. At Set Common Options, click on Do This Step.
    1. Startup class will be the initial screen you want opened (SecurityLoginWindow for example).
    2. Startup method will be the method you use to open that screen (usually either new or open).
  5. Click through the next few steps.
  6. At Test Application, click on Do This Step.
    1. This is a great way to make sure that the application actually works! If it doesn't during runtime, then the program will show and error and close out!
    2. If it shows any dynamic references, accept them.
  7. Choose default memory parameters
  8. Before clicking "Strip and Save Image", close any open workspaces and VisualWorks windows.
  9. Strip and Save the image, clicking through any dialog boxes.
  10. While waiting for this to finish, open a window and extract the contents of \Cincom\vw7.6nc\packaging\win\ into \Cincom\vw7.6nc\packaging\win.
  11. When this finishes, re-open VisualWorks and run the following code in workspace separately.
         executor := OSSystemSupport concreteClass.
         Transcript show: 'Compressing the image...'; cr.
         compressor := 'C:\Program Files\Cincom\vw7.6nc\packaging\win\imageCompress '.
         compressor := compressor, ' '.
         compressor := compressor, ' '.
         executor CreateProcess: nil arguments: compressor.

         res := 'C:\Program Files\Cincom\vw7.6nc\packaging\win\ResHacker'.
         image := ''.
         exe := 'Application.exe'. "This is whatever you want to call your executable!"
         vm := 'C:\Program Files\Cincom\vw7.6nc\bin\win\visual.exe'.
         icon := ''.
         exe1 := res, ' -addoverwrite ', vm, ', ', exe, ', ', image, ', 332, 332,'.
         exe2 := res, ' -addoverwrite ', exe, ', ', exe, ', ', icon, ', icon, 323, 1'.
         exe3 := res, ' -addoverwrite ', exe, ', ', exe, ', devname.txt, 325, 325, '.
         executor CreateProcess: nil arguments: exe1.
         executor CreateProcess: nil arguments: exe2.
         executor CreateProcess: nil arguments: exe3.

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