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Team Uncreative printString 'noname'

Team Uncreative printString ‘noname’

Semester: Fall 2009
Our Instructor: Bob Waters
Our TA: Prince Tounai Yang

Team Members:
Abhishek Jain, Project Manger
Husayn Versee, Web and UI Designer
Brian Barnard, Software Designer
Mudit Manu Paliwal, Software Engineer
Akilesh Natarajan, Project Assistant

Our Team history:
This is our friendship linkage. Abhishek and Husayn worked on creating the perfect team of coders. We wanted a team which was capable of covering all aspects of designing and developing a complete project. It was the first time we were working together as a team and in hindsight, we think we did good job of choosing the right people.
Due to our incapability with deciding on a team name we ended up naming our team, Team Uncreative printString ‘noname’.

Milestone M3 - Domain Design
Milestone M5 – Application Design
Milestone M6 – Domain Coding
Milestone M7 – UI Coding
Milestone M8 – UI Evaluation
Milestone M9 – Design Twist

Story told according to Brian Barnard,
This being one of the first classes in the CS major that really required us students to work as a team, on a long term group project, it taught us a lot and challenged us on many fronts. Some of our group had met each other before, and others were almost strangers, which set us up for an interesting few months of coding as a team. It became pretty clear quickly that we had gotten a good team, with each person strengths and weaknesses coming out soon and clear.
Abhishek became a clear leader early on, organizing the work, meetings, and assignments, while at the same time taking on a more than fair load of work to do on his own. His abilities to get everyones work together and make it seem so cohesive is a sight to be seen. The rest of the groups strengths came out in different ways. At the beginning Akilesh and Husayn stood out with their great minds for seeing the whole picture, and ability to set up the base work for a long and big project. By the time we started to get to the coding, Brian and Mudit started to show their strengths in their ability to put code behind that framework that had been created.
Our group quickly, and surprisingly, came together to work very well, allowing each other the freedom to work how each person needed, but the cohesiveness to get things done and together in the time required. We seemed to have the group dynamics that really made everyone work together. The patience that a team needs, not to cause any drama to get in the way of work, the humor to keep the project interesting enough to dedicate the time to, and the patience to get everyones strengths utilized and weaknesses covered. All in all, our group feels strongly that it was a success, a somewhat random group of students, that did a great job of adapting to create work we were all proud of.

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